Love Your Home

Are you holding yourself back from enjoying your home?

  • Comparing your home to others, you feel like yours doesn’t measure up?
  • Panic at unannounced visitors, and the mess they’ll see?
  • Overwhelmed by the idea of home improvement?
  • Think that you don’t have the budget to create what you want?
  • Balancing home obligations with modern life seems impossible?


You’re being too hard on yourself.  

These kinds of judgments are arbitrary. They’re only made-up expectations.

Maybe you’re obsessed with having clean floors because your mom was. While other people won’t notice floors, and if they did, wouldn’t care…

The thing is, there’s no right or wrong way your home should be.

What’s right is different for each person, and you’re the only one who knows what’s the best for you.

So if you’re holding yourself to an impossible standard and disappointed by your shortcomings, not only will you never be happy, but you’ll miss out on enjoying what you do have.

Everyone has limits on what they can do with their home. The real difference – the key to happiness – is how you react to your limitations.

If you’re embarrassed by your “outdated” living room, will you host a party there? If you’re disappointed in yourself for not cleaning the mess in your guest room, will you go in there to relax and read a book? Probably not.

If you let those feelings get you down, you’re missing out on what you have available right now.

You can still host a party in an outdated living room and relax in a messy room; it’s your perspective keeping you from it.

So how can you design around your limitations without worrying about outside expectations?      

By thinking of your home as a functional space; its purpose is to support your needs and shape the way you live.

Using functionality to identify the most important qualities of your home, the priorities of everything else (design choices, home improvements and even chores) will become clearer.

When you have clear priorities, you can see what is unrealistic for you. You won’t feel inadequate if you’ve decided something is outside of your plan.

But what does functional design really mean?

Functionality doesn’t mean stark minimalism, or removing all decoration from your home.

Functional design is this:

  • Mindfully assessing what you have and how you use it.
  • Eliminating emotional and physical clutter.
  • Choosing decor and designs that you connect with in a meaningful way.


Decor can be functional.

Home decor doesn’t just make your home look nice. It can arouse emotions and can be a powerful tool.

That feeling you get when you come across an old keepsake, when you walk into a light filled room on a weekend morning or when you’re surrounded by your favorite color, those are the types of emotional responses that decor can evoke.

Taking advantage of those emotional triggers, we can encourage the mood and habits you want at home.

Imagine what your home would be like if you got it right, perfectly designed for your needs and filled with things that make you happy…

Being present in those rooms, looking around at artwork that sparks warm memories, sitting in the desk that is perfectly laid out for your hobbies, that’s when you’ll feel at home in your space.

In that home it won’t matter if it’s decorated with the latest trends or perfectly organized. It will be right for you, and you’ll feel inspired and comforted by being at home.

A home like this is truly unique, something you can call your own signature style.

Helping you create your own unique space based on the way you really live is what Studio Davenue is all about.

We think good design is about solving problems. We identify the “problems” (what is holding you back), then we find the best design for you.

  • Do rooms or nooks go used? Let’s try to make them more desirable.
  • Do you have some decor or furniture that you’re not happy with? Maybe it would be better re-purposed or re-invented.
  • What areas of your life do you aspire to improve? Let’s design your home to help you achieve your goals.

By tackling issues like these we can design your home to encourage the life you want to live.

Let us guide you along the journey. 

I’ve founded Studio Davenue because I believe that making the effort to improve and personalize your home can powerfully effect your life.

  • Do you agree with my design philosophy?
  • Do you want to really live in your home?
  • Do you want to get the most out of what you already have?

Then let us help you get started!

How can you create the home you love? 

We offer ideas and design advice several ways (with more coming soon!)

We give one-on-one attention through our e-decorating services. We walk you through the process of evaluating your home to discover your best options.

You’ll get a personalized guide with practical advice and furniture and decor choices to make your home the best it can be.

We offer plans with varying levels of detail to meet your needs… Hit us up. We’re always up for a good challenge!

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I’ll also be sharing tips and suggestions on how to design your home in a mindful and enjoyable way. All of that will be here on the blog. So come on over, join the conversation.

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