E-decorating Services

Studio Davenue offers custom interior design solutions online.

We carefully assess what you need, how you realistically use your space, and what your style tendencies are. Once we have a good understanding, we get to work on a design proposal tailored to your needs.

How does it work?


  • We start out evaluating your project. By focusing on the challenges you’re having and the way your day-to-day routines interact, we can figure out would realistically work for you.
  • We also identify the decor styles you’re drawn to and the long-term plans for your home.
  • All we need from you are genuine answers to our questions and some technical information like room dimensions and a few photos.
  • We’ll communicate through email, phone/Skype and with worksheets that you can complete at your own pace.


  • Once we have a clear idea of what will work for your needs, we put together your custom solution.
  • Our designs are focused on solving the problems you’re having with your home.
  • We chose decor and aesthetic options as elements to support your overall goal for the space.


  • When your design is ready, we will send you a proposal with a detailed plan of action.
  • Our plans vary in depth depending on what suits you best, here are our options:


Down to the throw pillows:
This is a full proposal with every nitty-gritty detail included, it’s the closest to having a designer there with you walking you through every decision. We’ll give you sources to purchase the exact items that work best with your dimensions, colors and budget.
On top of that, we’ll help you visualize how your design would look with a custom mood board and renderings of your space. Check out an example of a full proposal here.

A push in the right direction:
This option provides a mood board especially made for your space. We’ll give you a visual representation of what type of objects to include and some good guidelines to get your started. We will advise colors, general styles of furniture, layout and accessories. Here is an example of a mood board. It’s a great option for someone who enjoys decorating and the hunt of shopping, but just needs a good plan to follow.

Have it your way:
We’re happy to work with you on a project that doesn’t fall under the first two options. For example, are you moving into a new house and don’t know what to tackle first? We can create a plan to get you started. Or is it that you can’t come to a good furniture arrangement in your living room? Can’t decide how and what to downsize? We’re always up for a challenge, shoot it our way.



Ready to get started? Want to know more?

Drop us a line: e-decorating@studiodavenue.com

  • Prices vary with the depth of the proposal needed; we take pride in our ability to scale our services to a wide range of budgets.
  • Additional consultation can be requested at an hourly rate.
  • All furniture and decor items are sourced from online vendors and Studio Davenue does not handle purchasing or shipping.

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