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Welcome to Studio Davenue!

Who is behind all this?

Me. I’m Abbie Terpening. I have 10 years of experience in the design world, with all sorts of freelance projects in graphic and interior design.

Along the way, I got a degree in industrial design from Georgia Tech and a master’s in Oxford, England, worked several corporate jobs and swapped countries four times.

I’ve learned some things moving around the globe. First, was the peace that comes from paring down your belongings to the real necessities. Then later on, the importance of enjoying the space you’re in – in the state that it’s in – and not putting it off because of circumstances like renting or being unable to buy the ideal furniture.

I believe it is important on many levels to live in a physical space that complements and enhances your life. I also believe that you don’t need much to create that space. It’s not about buying new things and decorating; mostly it’s about awareness of what you really need and appreciating what you already have.

Through my travels, I’ve been fortunate to experience living in a variety of types of places. I’ve been in luxurious houses, cramped apartments, urban hot-spots and rural off-the-radar acreage. As a result I’ve pieced together some interesting experiences and have stockpiled lots of fodder for design inspiration.

Nowadays I’m a bit less nomadic and have settled in Atlanta, GA. I keep myself busy with the design services offered here. I also do freelance graphic and web design, you can see some of those projects here.

Say hello! abbie@studiodavenue.com.

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